Your taxes. done.


How it Works


Meet Up

Meet up with a tax preparer in an SF or East Bay coffee shop. Chat about your taxes for a few minutes while the preparer reviews and scans your documents. Once your return is completed another meet up will be set up to review your completed return and sign your e-file forms.


No need to rearrange your schedule to do your taxes, just send us your documents and your taxes are done.


sit down

Visit us at the offices in Alameda, chat with a preparer and your taxes are done. Many taxes are 100% completed during the appointment. Sit Down appointments are booked for at most 1 hour, many take only 30 minutes.

tax Party

Make doing your taxes fun by turning it into a social event. Schedule a Tax Party with two or more of your friends. We can meet at your home or at my office in Alameda. You’ll be able to chat and hang out with each other while the prepare goes through each of your documents. Your taxes get done with you’re having fun!

Want to bring the party to your office? email for a quote.


About Us

Hi I’m Katie Reid. I’m an Enrolled Agent and I love taxes.

I love learning about taxes, and doing taxes, and talking about taxes. But I’ll never use complicated tax or accounting lingo with my clients. My goal is to speak to all of my clients in plain English, so that they understand the full picture of their tax situation.

For the past 14 years, I have been working with income taxes, and have been doing bookkeeping for 25 years (yes I started as a teenager). My clients include individuals, married couples, small businesses, and corporations.

My clients are important to me, and I truly care about saving them money and maximizing their returns. I actively stay on top of all of the latest state and federal tax regulations not only to stay within compliance with them but to save my clients money as often as possible.

What is an Enrolled Agent?